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Bamtir Kish Co. Bamtir Kish Co. Bamtir Kish Co.
Bamtirkish Co. was established in 2007 with the goal of providing engineering and commercial services to all marine organization and private sector in Iran.
Our services include marine engineering, provision of marine equipment and systems and after sales services to our clients.
Establishment of our Company in 2007 was based on more than 30 years of experience and practical service of our senior managers in the Iranian naval and industrial organizations .Having this valuable asset, today our company is one of the major marine consulting companies and supplier of marine equipment, material and systems to our local clients.
We supply the complete range of marine diesel engines from Marinediesel AB Sweden, in the range of 170 to 450 hp, and CRM Motori, in the range of 1250 hp to 2100 hp, including their after sales services.
Today we represent the following companies in Iran:
 CRM Motori of Italy, manufacturer of marine diesel engines from 1250hp to 2100 hp.
 Marinediesel AB of Sweden, manufacturer of marine diesel engines in the range of 170 hp to 450 hp.
 Orvea Co. of Italy, manufacturer of capstans and windlasses.
 dmInt. General Trading LLC, of Emirates, supplier of marine equipment and material, marine main & aux. engines, navigational aids equip. Safety equipment etc.